Report: USDA Forced Kittens To Become Cannibals

Report: USDA Forced Kittens To Become Cannibals

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  • Title: Report: USDA Forced Kittens To Become Cannibals
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The USDA Forced Kittens To Become Cannibals For Research. As recently as 2015, the report says, the USDA purchased and killed cats and dogs from countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and fed their body parts to lab-bred cats and other animals for research, effectively forcing what the watchdog reports refers to as “kitten cannibalism.” Cat remains purchased in China were also injected into mice, according to the document.

USDA Stops Deadly Experiments On Cats And Adopts Out. But public scrutiny over the experiments has increased more and more recently. One particularly upsetting White Coat Waste Project report found that the USDA forced the cats to eat dog and cat meat from overseas markets – aka “kitten cannibalism.” The USDA is ending a research program that led scientists to kill thousands of cats over

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